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Topsoil by Farmer George

We now supply a multi-purpose topsoil to the local gardening community of Gloucestershire. Screened and barn-stored, it is suitable for window boxes, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and any pots and troughs.

NEW FOR 2023

Farmer George's Raised Bed Mix

This is our topsoil mixed with our  manure in an 60:40 ratio providing a nutrient rich product that is ideal for window boxes, raised beds, pots and troughs or any other garden container.


How do I purchase the topsoil or raised bed mix ?

We deliver our topsoil and raised bed mix loose in a tipping trailer.

Call us on 01367 253097 or 07970 692292, email us on or fill out our enquiry form below to place an order for topsoil.



Take a look at these fabulous photos that Garry from Swindon has sent us of his allotment. He was our very first customer for our Raised Bed Mix.

I think he is pretty pleased with the results - I'm going to call him Garry Greenfingers now!

Allotments 5.jpg
Allotments 3.jpg
Allotments 4.jpg
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