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We have a good reputation and shall look after your farm as if it were our own.  We consistently produce good returns for our land owners by monitoring all costs to keep them to an absolute minimum.  My large following of satisfied clients is evidence of my reputation for not only growing superb crops but also for producing great financial results for my clients time and time again.  We apply huge attention to detail and expect to grow our crops to a very high standard - there is no room for mediocrity in farming these days. 

Our agreements are structured in a number of ways to suit our clients, either on a Farm Business Tenancy, contract farming agreement or cropping licence. We can also carry out the practical management of your agri-environment scheme.

We can also carry out a number of individual services, if preferred: 

  • Agronomy

  • Cultivations

  • Drilling

  • Spraying

  • Hedge cutting

  • Fertiliser application

  • Supply of poultry manure

  • Compost & manure spreading

  • Combining & Carting 

  • Baling 

  • Grain drying

  • Weighbridge 

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